Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Helicopter Mom

Our two younger children have accused me of being a helicopter mom, but I don't care; it's a bona fide spring day here in the tri-state area and I'll be darned if I'm going to spend one more afternoon comatose in front of my kindle during siesta time.  They don't want to accompany me?  That's ok, Nona lives near the lake and she's not planning any major outings at four in the afternoon.  She's on her own mission to clear out some clutter while my Father's away and can have some quality time with them while I'm gone.

The sun warms my back, the mosquitos swarm my legs, and the water sparkles.  I hardly hear the children playing behind me on the jungle gym.  The boats pass and my adrenaline surges.  Surely I'll score this time!  Just a single sighting, that's all I want.  To see her at position number one, starboard side, setting the pace, leading the ladies with her stern gaze and wavy light brown pony tale; her entire body going through that fluid motion, forward and back, forward and back.

I've got binoculars, like the last time, on loan from my Mom.  Unfortunately I didn't go through the "binocular checklist" before I chose them from the group of three sitting on the shelf.  Is it my middle aged eyes or do all binoculars provide a double picture?  I'm reduced to covering one eye while viewing. 

I punch in a text to my husband who is on the other side of the lake; he should provide some pertinent information regarding our first-born child as he's closer to the action.  In fact, he just drove her here.

Me: Ruco, are u there?
Claudio: Yes! B there in five.
Claudio: All right, I'll come to wave at U
Me:  Is she in a four?
Me: What is she wearing?
Claudio: MMM, yes, b there in 3
Claudio:I'm here, a tad to the right of the boat house
Me: I love you but im wondering where lucia is
Claudio: Wait, where are U?
Me: At gazebo
Me: My battery is dying. u don't know where she is or what shes wearing?
Claudio: Nope sorry
Claudio: wait, she'll come back from your side
Claudio: I'm standing at dock
Me: I give up
Me: R u running in the woods?
Claudio: sorry, too many rowers today
Me: So I get to see her pulling in to the dock
Claudio:  We are still here. they are taking team photos with their shirt-tanks on

Me: All in an afternoon's work as Helicopter Mom.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Argentina - Trip to "las Sierras"

My Mom and I just got back from two weeks in Argentina with my old AFS family.  These are the people who received me into their home as a young teenager and exchange student; over the years they've eagerly awaited my arrival at the Cordoba Airport whether it was from the US for a quick spring break trip from college, or a Christmas hiatus while I was living in Chile.  Regardless of the circumstances, I've always figured out a way to save up money to visit them. And just a couple of years ago, a dream came true when they (Beatriz, my Mom, and Sole, my sister) came up to stay with us for a month and do the grand New York City tour.  

This trip was particularly special because we had the opportunity to go to the mountains of Cordoba and visit an old friend of my Mom's who is currently living there.  It's a picture perfect area of the country that reminds me both of the swiss alps, and, unsurprisingly, parts of Chile.  I told Claudio that I'd like to take him there for our 20th wedding anniversary - another dream to fulfill!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Woman Cave/Guest Bedroom Before and After Photos

It all started when Mom decided to get all the junk out from the play room.  Then we decided to turn it in to the Woman Cave!  Then Clara and I organized the books.  Books that we want to read go in one pile, then the books we do not want to read go in another pile.  Then Mom and I took out all of Daddy's stuff and put it in the school room  Mauri and Ximena will be sleeping in the Woman Cave.  I made a sign that says: "Pasa o...Come in", so that Mauri can understand the sign.  By Eva

AFTER: As Woman Cave
Bookshelf with lights made by Clara and Eva
Inspirational Slogan by Clara
AFTER: As guest bedroom