Saturday, May 2, 2015

Laundry Room - "After" Photos

No "before" pictures, once again.  When the feeling overcomes me to overhaul a space in our house, the past seems to be quickly forgotten.  It wasn't pretty, I can tell you that - light bulb boxes piled high, bread machine and iron cords dangling through the wire shelving, bottles of furniture wax and wood stain that I would never use in my home, piled high on throw-up green wire shelving.

My uncle Tom gave us the "Three Little Kittens who Lost their Mittens" lithographs at our very first baby shower, before Lucia was born.  The girls all had them in their bedrooms but they are growing up and now prefer their own art work and memorabilia on the walls.  I think they suit the laundry room for the theme - in my case, it seems we always have lost socks!  They also encourage the laundress to look up rather than down at the piles of dirty laundry waiting to be cleaned.  I like that.

Also note the white baskets with my now signature homemade tags!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

The candles say "77" - the girls do have a sense of humor,
 I will give them that!

It started with a fried egg on toast in bed, compliments of Eva, and it ended with chocolate cake, compliments of Nona.

A wonderful birthday celebration all around!  Oh, and in between, there was school at Panera with the girls, along with my friend Mary who dropped by for a chat, and then a quick getaway to the lake to watch Lucia row.  Shhhh!  She doesn't know - and this time, I got more than a glimpse, but a full sprint, in two directions.  I've become a crew groupie, I think.

In further news, Claudio gave me a fancy new android that will allow me to post photos here much more easily...

And there was love.  Lots of love.  What more could a girl ask for?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eva and My Uncle Mauri Take a Selfie - Freewrite by Clara

You can tell it's the night because Eva has bags under her eyes and you can tell that they are at ESL class because my Uncle Mauri has more lines in the corners of his eyes due to thinking hard.  And the picture of a saint in the corner says that they are at a Catholic school.  I think Mauri took the picture at an angle because he was more interested in finishing his worksheet.

Washington Hotel - Freewrite by Eva

We went to a hotel in Washington with Mauri and Ximena while my Mom was in Argentina. Our room was small but Lovely! The Beds were soooo comfy! And the Hotel was in side of a mall! So we got to explore!

Fala - Freewrite by Eva

We went to Washington with Ximena and Mauri in March. We went to Franklin roosvelts Memorial.  There we saw a stachue.  but this was no normal stachue. for it was Franklin with his dog, Fala! it was a giant stachue too. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Helicopter Mom

Our two younger children have accused me of being a helicopter mom, but I don't care; it's a bona fide spring day here in the tri-state area and I'll be darned if I'm going to spend one more afternoon comatose in front of my kindle during siesta time.  They don't want to accompany me?  That's ok, Nona lives near the lake and she's not planning any major outings at four in the afternoon.  She's on her own mission to clear out some clutter while my Father's away and can have some quality time with them while I'm gone.

The sun warms my back, the mosquitos swarm my legs, and the water sparkles.  I hardly hear the children playing behind me on the jungle gym.  The boats pass and my adrenaline surges.  Surely I'll score this time!  Just a single sighting, that's all I want.  To see her at position number one, starboard side, setting the pace, leading the ladies with her stern gaze and wavy light brown pony tale; her entire body going through that fluid motion, forward and back, forward and back.

I've got binoculars, like the last time, on loan from my Mom.  Unfortunately I didn't go through the "binocular checklist" before I chose them from the group of three sitting on the shelf.  Is it my middle aged eyes or do all binoculars provide a double picture?  I'm reduced to covering one eye while viewing. 

I punch in a text to my husband who is on the other side of the lake; he should provide some pertinent information regarding our first-born child as he's closer to the action.  In fact, he just drove her here.

Me: Ruco, are u there?
Claudio: Yes! B there in five.
Claudio: All right, I'll come to wave at U
Me:  Is she in a four?
Me: What is she wearing?
Claudio: MMM, yes, b there in 3
Claudio:I'm here, a tad to the right of the boat house
Me: I love you but im wondering where lucia is
Claudio: Wait, where are U?
Me: At gazebo
Me: My battery is dying. u don't know where she is or what shes wearing?
Claudio: Nope sorry
Claudio: wait, she'll come back from your side
Claudio: I'm standing at dock
Me: I give up
Me: R u running in the woods?
Claudio: sorry, too many rowers today
Me: So I get to see her pulling in to the dock
Claudio:  We are still here. they are taking team photos with their shirt-tanks on

Me: All in an afternoon's work as Helicopter Mom.