Thursday, April 24, 2014


Wearing her new Argentine outfit in Carlos Paz, Argentina
"Mom, can we look at the pictures now?"

It's a project I have placed squarely in the "pending" quadrant of my brain, not too far from "emotions" - and I haven't felt up to merging them.  Clara forces me out of my inertia; a child's simple request has to be acted upon, especially since she is the Middle Child, the one that psychologists claim is so easily relegated to the background.  I pull out Claudio's computer, click on the folder entitled "2003", and about 150 photos of her birth pop up on the screen.  My mind settles.  They are here.  The visual record of the day her soul met mine.  

Then my heart beats build up speed. Lips parched, I ask myself where the rest of the year went? Few images light up on my brain's computer screen.  Were the breastfeeding challenges - the split nipple and accompanying physical agony so great that we didn't shoot a single photo of those first months?  Clara suggests the boxes of photos on the very top shelf in the school room.  I slowly bring one down, open the lid, and my eyes fall on "Clara's First Bath". I am reminded that we hadn't "digitized" yet, we were still taking photos the old fashioned way.  My heart beat slows down, I sit on the couch and take out each envelope tenderly.  Our girl, our beloved girl.  Cherished.  

The below photos are not actually from that first year, but from Nonna's collection.  Before I found that box, she came to the rescue, and sent along these treasures.  

At my Argentine "parents'" house, Cordoba, Argentina

hand me down dress, oversized shoes
Tia sent cute dresses from Paris when she lived there!

More Parisian modeling.  Sisterly love. 

With Folo, Pena Blanca, Chile

With Toto, Rockport, Maine

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eva's Song - "Spring is Coming"

Eva composed a song recently that expresses what a lot of us on the East Coast feel these days.  Spring is coming, we just know it is!  Our daffodils have bloomed and terracotta pots filled with herbs and purple pansies eagerly welcome visitors at our front door.  We are choosing to ignore the sprinkling of snow we had a couple of nights ago....and get outside as much as we can.

Once I figure out the technical aspects of downloading a large video file on to this blog - which thus far has been rejected - you can enjoy Eva's song "live"!  In the meantime, here are the lyrics:

I go out side  I see the flawors bloom. I see A rainbow. it must be Spring it must be Spring.  When I go outside, its so Warm, Spring is comeing.  When I see Spring all rite its gowing to be a grate day!!! Grate day.  When I open my windo I say - Spring is comeing! Spring is comeing comeing comeing on March 20 and Im in my house. I feel like Im lokct in.  So I Go out side and enjoy the Fresh Air! I say to my self Spring is Comeing!!!! I will say to You lets play out side play out side. Spring is comeing!! dont stay in siDe, GO OUT side and inJoy the Fresh Air dont be lasy. 

by Eva

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Math Day at Dunkin Donuts

"What is it, math day at Dunkin Donuts?"

Since we took up half the seating and we were all doing math, ok, maybe it did look like math day to the unsuspecting customer who made the comment.  Lucia's tutor had to change her regular meeting time at the library, and if you can believe it, the library is not open on friday mornings.  Budget cuts.

So as we have done before, we headed over to Dunkin Donuts.  While Lucia and her excellent, math whiz tutor worked on linear equations, Clara traced geometric shapes and angles, and Eva and I played math card games.

I couldn't resist the photo.  Note Lucia is concentrating really hard on erasing; looks like my days are numbered featuring her on this blog.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What We Really Do in Our Homeschool - Part Two

Lucia giving Sunrise her spa treatment.

I spoke to a homeschool Mom recently who said that she doesn't read homeschool blogs.  "They just make me feel inadequate," she said. It's possible she was referring to those heavy on photos of ethereal looking kids blowing giant bubbles on windswept prairies, who happen to memorize Shakespeare in their spare time. 

That got me thinking, cause I don't read homeschool blogs either, at least on a regular basis.  I occasionally use them as informational tools, say, for curriculum reviews or ideas for teaching math.  

But here I am with a homeschool blog.  What's the purpose?  Mostly I consider this blog MY space to reflect on things, keep a family journal, and yea, maybe there is some degree of showcasing our accomplishments because there's one thing that most homeschool moms have very clear:  NO one is patting us on the back for a job well done.  Almost no one, anyway.  Except my husband, my parents, my late grandmother, my aunt, and most recently, the librarians at our local library when they found out that Lucia got into prep school.  

With all of this in mind, I'd also like to keep it real.  There have been more days this past winter that I care to mention when Claudio came home for lunch and said, "Wow, it's almost noon...thinking about hitting the books soon?" You might not think this could be possible after reading last year's version of what we really do in our homeschool.

Below are a few shots that amplify the picture.  Like, what happens when we have a sick chicken.  Lucia read on a chicken blog that epsom salt baths can help chickens with sour crop, which is what we suspected we were dealing with this past week. She took charge of sitting with Sunrise in the bathtub, keeping her calm, and making sure she got a full hour of therapy.  Later we gave her water through a syringe and food mashed food from the food processor.  Two days later we were able to consider Sunrise cured.  That was a small victory for us since we lost a chicken over the winter to the same malady.  

So yea, we take time off for family emergencies.  We also keep it light.  You'll see what I mean in the below pictures.  We sleep in, too.  I'll spare you documentation on that one. 

We read science in laundry baskets.
We do math in laundry baskets.
We have hair flipping contests.
We wait for packages in the mail and then make toys out of the boxes. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Can you find the "Made in Occupied Japan" creamer I whined about in the post "Clutter Control"?  Well, it turns out that it makes a great little romantic candle holder.  I'll just have to eat my words.

We had a great staycation last weekend, thanks to my parents who took the girls.  All we needed was a little change of pace, a bouquet of flowers, bagels and lox for breakfast, and some Picasso at a local museum.  Oh, and uh, some romantic candles, and a happy picture from Eva upon our return.  Perfect!