Monday, November 16, 2015

Just Because You're a Peasant - chapter four (by Eva)

The king was amazed.  How did you do that? the king questioned Henry. Henry shrugged his shoulders. He did not want to give away his secret.  Well then, said the king, in the second round, you will have to do the hardest math problem that I know. Henry nodded. The king led Henry to a room with a chalk board in it. Then, the king snapped his fingers, and immediately, a man dressed in a black hat, and a black robe came in. Arther, write down that math problem that you taught me yesterday for this young man. The king pointed to Henry. Yes, my Lord, said the wizard. While the wizard wrote down the problem, Henry thought about Annie. Did she have enough to eat? Was she fine without Patty? Henry wished he could write her. Your majesty, the wizard said to the king, here is your math problem. A very big one it was.  This is what the problem looked like:

Math Problem 106
Every bag of candy in Mr. Fitzgard's candy shop has the same number of candies. Elizabeth and Ellen each grab some bags of candies. Elizabeth gets a total of 70 candies and Ellen gets a total of 42 candies.What is the smallest possible number of candies per bag they could have grabbed? After looking at the board, Henry said to the king, the answer is 14.       

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just Because You're a Peasant - chapter three (By Eva)

Your highness, there is a young man who wants to marry the princess Helen, the guard announced. What's his name? the king answered, is he a prince? Is he from a faraway land? Come on, I need to know! Thats the thing my lord, said the guard. He's not a prince, but the son of Wilber Petronski, who was a soldier in your army. and at that moment, Henry appeared.  Hello, your majesty. Henry said, not forgetting to bow. mmm.... said the king, Why would I, king James III let my only daughter, Helen, marry you, a son of a soldier but still a peasant? But for fun,  I shall let you take the test. But, warned the king, if you fail, you will have your head chopped off! Henry trembled at those words. think, Annie crying over him! There will be three rounds. the king said. In the first round, there will be a room filled with fake flowers ,and there will be one real flower. You need to try and find it. Understood? Come with me. Henry followed.                                                                                                                                                                          

A moment later, they were in a room filled with flowers. Henry, as we know, had the gift of smartness, and the king did not know this. Which is the real flower? demanded the king. Henry examined some flowers, then said, could you open that window, your majesty? Because fresh air always clears ones brain. Fine, grumbled the king. Wait, Servent! Open that window. I'm too tired  to open it. Yes, your majesty, said a small timid voice. But, as soon as the young servent opened the window, Henry said, that's the real flower. How did he know? Nobody knows, but, I can give you readers a hint. It has something to do with a honey bee.   

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just Because You're a Peasant - chapter two (by Eva)

Henry could see the castle. After half an hour, Henry got off Patty, gave her an apple, and asked James Whitfield, his good friend, to take care of Patty for the day. After James gladly accepted, Henry walked to the castle. When he arrived, he was amazed by all the beauty around him. The great gates were decorated with gold and silver, and the guards wore beautiful uniforms, their swords glittering in the sunlight.Henry walked up to one of these guards. excuse me sir? yes? the guard answered in a deep gruff, voice, um, said Henry I'm here to see the king. For I want to marry the Princess. You! the guard laughed, but you're not even a prince! ( he could tell because of Henry's clothing.)but he let Henry in anyway.First of all, said the guard, what's your name? my name is Henry, and I am the son of Wilber Petronski, who was a soldier in our kingdom's army.Okay, said the guard, come along, and don't forget to bow too. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Just Because You're a Peasant - chapter one (by Eva)


ONCE UPON A TIME, in the time of kings, queens, princes, and princesses, there lived a very poor family.In this family there lived Annie and Henry, whose parents had recently died in a war. Trying to earn money, Annie worked at the farmers market. Now, farmers markets can be fun to work at, but, they only happen once a week. So Annie did not earn enough money for things they desperately needed.(like wool to make clothing) The only thing that people praised them about was that Annie had the gift of kindness, and Henry had the gift of smartness.

Annie? yes Henry.......(Annie was daydreaming about having a new skirt to wear to church). There's only three pieces of meat and four pieces of cabbage left in our stores.What!!!!! Annie exclaimed, Annie, I think I should get a job now.Fine. said Annie, kicking a pebble. but what job would I have? Thought Henry. You could work for the king!!!!! said Annie. Annie, you scared me out of my wits!! Henry said. And anyway, how do you know I could work for the king? well said Annie, at the farmers market, a friend of mother told me that the king is offering his only daughter, Princess Helen to any young man who can pass a test with three rounds. But Annie, said  Henry what does this have to do with getting a job that pays a good amount of money? Because, nincompoop, whoever marries her gets the throne!  said Annie. After a few minutes, Henry said, Annie, I think I will do it.          
Okay, you're all set. said Annie. I am ready.......... Henry took a deep breath.Then he got on Patty, their only horse. Farewell! said Annie. bye! Henry answered.